New ‘M3.75’ plant & machinery, the largest single import of mining equipment, arrives at Freetown Port and is successfully transported to site

May 23, 2023

Marampa Mines Limited New ‘M3.75’ plant and machinery, the largest single import of mining equipment into Sierra Leone, arrives at Freetown Port and is successfully transported to site.


Freetown and Lunsar, Sierra Leone: 22 May 2023: Marampa Mines Limited (“MML”), Sierra Leone’s largest operating iron ore mine, is proud to announce the arrival of our new ‘M3.75’ equipment at the Port of Freetown last week, the largest single import of mining equipment into Sierra Leone. Following a complex logistics operation and the transport of the equipment to the mine site near Lunsar, in the Port Loko district, MML expects the equipment to be operational in the coming weeks and to bring greater efficiency to our operations, increased production capacity as well as product quality and consistency in the coming year. The equipment includes a SAG Mill, a core mechanical unit within the project’s expansion that required unique handling on the highway and through toll gates between Freetown and the mine site, weighs approximately 900 tonnes when fully assembled.

The M3.75 equipment has been specifically designed to meet the growing demands of the global market for high-grade iron ore, a key feedstock for cleaner and less carbon-intensive steel production. Craig Dean, CEO of Gerald Group and Marampa Mines Limited said: “We are excited to introduce our new M3.75 equipment into our mining process. We are confident that the new equipment for our expansion to 3.75 Mtpa will allow us to be more competitive and to provide our customers with the highest quality iron ore. We are committed to investing in new technology and equipment to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry, and this set of machinery is a key part of that strategy.”

An estimated investment of US$150 million to further expand capacity from 3.25 Mtpa to M3.75 Mtpa is being funded by Gerald Group, which demonstrates our strong commitment to the project and country and is in line with our goal to optimise production and to build a resilient, sustainable and safe project at Marampa.

The new equipment includes a Gyratory Crusher, Re-grind Mill, Sag Mill, as well as two large 60T and 300T Cranes. After the Crusher, the SAG Mill will grind the iron ore before beneficiation into high-grade Marampa BlueTM. Early construction work for the M3.75 expansion started in September 2022 and has created new and permanent job opportunities for local employees.

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Marampa Mines Limited  

Marampa Mines Limited, a subsidiary of Gerald Group, is engaged in the development, production and export of iron ore concentrate from resources of approximately 1.7B tonnes at Marampa in the Port Loko District of the northern province of Sierra Leone. The Company is committed to being a resilient and globally competitive, world-class iron ore concentrate producer. Through investment, expertise and long-term commitment to the Marampa Project, MML aims to materially develop the production of >65% Fe quality iron ore concentrate, one of the highest grades globally, branded Marampa BlueTM and to adopt a low-carbon energy mix at its operations. MML’s sustainability program is aimed at creating mutual stakeholder value and economic, environmental, and social benefits for the mining operation, communities who are local to the mine site, and Sierra Leone. MML has a strong focus on embracing the challenges relating to climate change, gender diversity, the environment, sustainable farming, and education.