Improving and transforming lives


Community Relations at Marampa Mines is based on mutual respect, trust and structured engagement programmes with employees and local stakeholders.

Marampa Mines’ ESG initiatives are aimed at embracing the challenges relating to climate change,
gender diversity, sustainable farming and education through development of sustainable projects that
make a difference to communities in Sierra Leone.

Annual Football Tournament

The 2nd Annual MML Football Tournament started with a buoyant opening ceremony and a Ladies’ match on Monday, 30 January 2023 at Lunsar football ground. Sierra Leone’s Minister of Sports, Ibrahim Nyelenkeh, together with the country’s most revered footballer, Mohamed Kallon initiated the ‘kick-off’ for a Special Women’s Solidarity Match: ‘Marampa Mines Limited (MML) Ladies v/s Contractor Ladies teams’. Following the opening match, 14 teams comprising MML departments and contractors are playing in the tournament over 2 weeks, with the final match being held on 16 February.

MML’s management, Frederic Lotti (COO), Gianlorenzo Capitelli (CFO), Professor Sheik Umarr Kamara (Director of Community Relations & Development), and VIP guests attended, including Paramount Chief Bai Koblo Queen II, Ambassador of Sports, Junior Charlie Bio who accompanied the Minister of Sports, Sierra Leone Northwest Football Regional Chairman – Abdul Osman Turay, and MML management, staff and contractors enjoyed the matches on the Opening Day.

Marampa Mines

takes pride in playing an active role in regenerating communities in the region.

Today and going forward, the growth of mining will bring vital benefits to surrounding
communities through a range of direct and indirect activities. A Community Development Fund will ensure that local population in Port Loko partakes in the success of the long-term future of the Marampa mine.

MML engages with the community to understand and support their needs.

Health Outreach Programme

MML’s Health Outreach Programme aims to improve child, maternal and women’s health in the Lunsar community through sensitisation on immunisation, sanitation and hygiene. The initiative also aims to educate women, young adolescent girls, children and caregivers on preventative health measures and awareness of common infections and diseases, including malaria, typhoid. The outreach is in its initial stages and carried out by Dr. Mariama Bangura from MML’s clinic through dialogue. Along with MML’s key findings and recommendations, MML is targeting actions to facilitate access to basic medicine for treatment.

2022 Tour de Lunsar

Marampa Mines Limited was one of the sponsors for the 7th Science in Sport (SIS) Tour de Lunsar 2022. The event is Sierra Leone’s biggest cycling race and witnessed 120 juniors, men and women cyclists from many countries. Tour de Lunsar is the lead spoke in the wheel of Sierra Leone cycling. Cycling has shown itself to be a tremendous builder of youth confidence and achievement in Sierra Leone, by creating job empowerment and a positive feeling in the community.

Marampa Football

A thank-you football match in appreciation of MML’s support for Marampa football was organised by the Marampa Football Association and the Marampa Football Stakeholders and played on Saturday, 2 April 2022 at the Lunsar football field. The thrilling match was between the Marampa Stars and Marampa Eleven teams, and the kick-off was taken by MML’s CFO and football enthusiast, Gianlorenzo Capitelli.

Previous Initiatives

Numerous community initiatives were implemented by SL Mining/Gerald Group in 2018/2019
In January 2019, SL Mining distributed 100 tons of white rice from the Lunsar Community Centre to every registered household in Lunsar and the surrounding villages within the mine’s concession.

Jubilant residents described the donation as “the most generous charity in the history of mining operations at Marampa”. Member of Parliament for the constituency, Hon. Abdul Karim Koroma recounted: “such donations were unprecedented in the history of the Marampa mines”.

14 potable water wells for safe potable water in communities around the mine

Uniform and school learning materials to 1,000 pupils in Marampa and Maforki Chiefdoms

Internship Training Program – Recruitment of a graduate for the Project’s rehabilitation program

Tertiary skills and development within the community, including promotion of local entrepreneurs

Empowerment of women

Tree planting at Thofaym village

Youth recreation by donating footballs and jerseys to Marampa Stars

Support for religious festivals and a national monthly cleaning exercise: wheelbarrow, shovels and
food for work