Job Title : Surveyor

Reports To: Snr Surveyor              Department: Mining

Location: Marampa, Lunsar                       Roster: 44hrs

Role Purpose                        

  • Surveyor help determine the position, shape and elevation of the Earth’s natural features.
  • They also determine property boundaries for parcels of land, building sites, reservoirs, roads and drainage systems.
  • Surveyor are required to work outdoors and may work in remote areas for prolonged periods. If employed in mine surveying, they may be required to work underground.

Accountabilities : 

The main functions of the role will include but not be limited to:-

  • Clear vegetation and debris so that measurements may be taken;
  • transport, assemble, dismantle and maintain surveying equipment
  • peg out boundaries and construction works; collect and label samples as directed;
  • assist surveyors and/or survey technicians in measuring angles, distances and elevations using tape or steel band, or more sophisticated digital equipment that uses satellite (GPS), radio and light waves;
  • Record measurements manually or in an electronic field-data recorder.
  • Under the direction of a surveyor place profile poles in an approved manner.
  • Place cut and fill profile pegs and fill batter boards in an approved manner.
  • Place and concrete control pegs in an approved manner.
  • Mark identity tags and place them into concrete correctly.
  • Place a level change point into the ground in an approved manner.
  • Correctly and accurately set up a GPS Base Station over beacon or peg
  • Correctly and accurately set up a level on a tripod. Ensuring the level is placed midway between the back-sight and fore-sight.
  • Correctly and accurately set up a Total Station over a steel peg
  • Measuring angles and distances using the Total Station
  • Measuring and calculation of levels
  • Setting out and placing levels

Knowledge, Skills and Experience


Minimum BECE level, computer skills , good interpersonal skills , mining project experience


  • Medical and Mental fitness able to comply with and maintain Company Medical Standards.


  • Interpersonal
  • Verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Leadership behaviours
  • Presentation of information
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Ability to work unsupervised


Closing Date: 31st May 2019

Women are especially encouraged to apply